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Supporting Children and their families

Child Abuse Prevention Council of Alameda County is dedicated to coordinating our community’s efforts to prevent and respond to child abuse and neglect and to promote the physical and emotional health of children and families in Alameda County.

A Connected Child is a Protected Child

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Chalk about Child Abuse Prevention

In April, Alameda County residents and Strong Families Alliance Members take part in various events that bring awareness to the issue of child abuse and connect with community and famlilies throughout the county. 

This year’s theme, A Connected Child is a Protected Child, focuses on one of the protective factors that connects child protection to the strength and resilience that comes from the support of the family’s network and community of support. It is the goal of Alameda County Child Abuse Prevention Council to reduce the incidence of child abuse by 90% by the year 2030.

We invite you to scroll though these from various  Strong Families Alliance member organizations that work together throughout the community to support families by offering psychotherapy, case management services, parent education and peer support, referrals to other community organizations, youth programs and supporting parenting and caregivers with basic needs and concrete supports. Their goal is our goal: to prevent child abuse by supporting their parents and caregivers and stop children from entering into the child welfare system

Black Fatherhood book

Protective Factor: Enhance Parental Resilience

Protective Factor: Enhance Parental Resilience: No one can eliminate stress from parenting, but building parental resilience can affect how a parent deals with stress. Parental resilience is the ability to constructively cope with and bounce back from all types of...

Strong Families Sunday – Prevention Tip

Strong Families Allliance- Alameda County brings together your local community providers to strengthen families. With this month being Child Abuse Prevention Month we direct you to our website to find tips, resources, news and events that help strengthen your family...

Five Factors Friday: Social Connections

Friends, family members, neighbors, and other members of a community provide emotional support and concrete assistance to parents.  Social connections help parenting build network of support that serve multiple purposes: they can help parents develop and reinforce...

Perinatal Equity Initiative

Black women and birthing people face challenges that stem from policies and systems rooted in racism. They are twice as likely to live in poverty or to experience hardships, such as homelessness or the incarceration of a loved one, during pregnancy. In addition, chronic, transgenerational exposure to racism results in toxic stress that has been shown to have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of Black individuals, regardless of income or education levels.

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Strong Families Alliance members bring awareness to Child Abuse Prevention efforts

Mandated Reporter Training

child abuse ribbonProfessionals working with children, including those who employ people under 18, are Mandated Reporters and required to report their suspicion of abuse or neglect. To learn more and schedule a training, 


Raising children can be difficult.  Oftentimes, parents and caregivers just need to talk.  To someone.  To offer support, tips, ideas, and services.  Call today and find out all that is available to you and those you provide care for!